Quicornac S.A. is a multinational Swiss-Ecuadorian origin industry, dedicated to the production and marketing of juices, purees and concentrates of locally grown tropical fruits to national and international markets. By being actually present in over 32 countries worldwide, through its history, the company has been in a constant evolution.

Currently the organization is in constant innovation. Expanding its product range and implementing new quality systems as required by regulatory agencies but most especially to satisfy our customer’s need for a reliable supplying partner.

To improve the process of collection of fresh fruit, trucks were acquired and collection centers were established throughout the country.

Quicornac SA breaks into the national market of bottling of juices. With their brand SUNNY, Quicornac SA has become one of the local markets leaders of nectars.

Quicornac SA voluntarily opted for membership to the SGF (Schutzgemeinschaft der Fruchtsaft eV)

After 10 years of successful comprehensive business the company widened out their facilities enlarging storage warehouses, office buildings and coldstores, in addition to a new production line: The aseptic Line. The remodeling covers an area of 15’000 m2.

A new plant for the treatment of the passion fruit byproducts starts. The whole fruit is used to the maximum in several new products to serve market niches.


Production operations in Quicornac Peru started, accompanied by an aggressive campaign of agricultural development of passion fruit throughout the country, generating almost immediately the socio-economic development and sources of direct and indirect work for the benefit of the Peruvian farmer for the years to come.